uk3 aLast Thursday 16 February, we went to the sports centre ‘El Talamillo’ to meet three members of Burgos wheelchair basketball team andTalamillo11 to learn about the basic rules of this sport. This activity is included in the Erasmus project we are taking part in as a way to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle in order to enjoy good mental health.

During the chat, we had the chance to meet Samba and Piti, two players who can walk although with difficulties. However, the third one, Elder, cannot walk because of a motorbike accident he had years ago. He told us that doing sport had helped him a lot to relax and get rid of any kind of depression or mental problems.

They also talked about the team’s economic situation and stated they did not have much money and managed to survive thanks to sponsors and grants from the state. We became aware of the extremely high prices the players had to pay to buy the wheelchairs, which can be up to 5.000 €.

The last 15 minutes, we were given a practical class and some of us had the opportunity to play a little bit with them and to be honest, it is a really hard sport in which you have to control your stamina and keep such high concentration for the whole of the match. 

Written by Rubén Quintana Martín 4º Bilingual

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